WWYW 2019 IBS Schedule


11th Annual Green Home of the Year Awards Dinner TBD Mr. Chow • Caesars Palace
Sustainable Symposium 2019 –
The Desert Shall Bloom: Solutions For A Verdant Planet
9A – 5:30P Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall • UNLV
Health + Wellness Salon Invitation Only
Wellness Within Your Walls Spotting All Day
Healthier Home: How to Cost-Effectively Deliver Buyers’ Must-Have Features 12:30 – 1:30P South 227
Professional Builder: Show Village LIVE with Adam Grubb 3P PB’s Show Village •  Silver Parking Lot
Best in Green Awards Present Building Science with Joe Lstiburek 3:30 – 5P LVCC • High Performance Building Zone • N135 • N145
The Nationals Awards Gala 5:30 – 10P Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino • Palace Ballroom
Wellness Within Your Walls Spotting All Day
Professional Women in Building Awards & Installation of Officers Luncheon 12 – 2P LVCC
Best of IBS Awards & Happy Hour 3 – 4P LVCC • IBS Live • SU873
Best in American Living Award (BALA) 5:30 – 9P Westgate • Lobby Level • Ballroom B
Our founder, Jillian Pritchard Cooke, presents — Learning From Each Other: A Global Approach to Sustainable Healthy Living. 9 – 9:30A LVCC • International Central-North Hall • Level 2 Lobby • Outside N251

The WWYW Schedule at IBS may be subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Upcoming Courses

We’ve recently released our next six Atlanta 4-Course dates. We look forward to having you join us.


What does it really mean to live healthy?

Wellness Within Your Walls® has produced a practical educational series featuring The Healthy Living System™, a 10-step approach to building and designing healthier living environments. The Healthy Living System™ is designed to complement residential construction projects resulting in lower toxin levels and better health for homeowners.

What Does It Really Mean To Live Healthy?

The Healthy Living System™


Recent scientific evidence indicates that air quality in homes tends to be significantly more polluted and harmful than outdoor air. People spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Analysis of indoor air and proper design of ventilation systems — with consideration given to available technology, climate zones and naturally-occurring toxins — can significantly improve this issue. Indoor air quality is especially important for at-risk groups such as the young, elderly, and chronically ill. A number of options exist to remedy these issues such as building with air-purifying drywall, whole-home air purification systems and even well-placed house plants.


Hydration is paramount to human health. The water we consume plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Over 300 chemicals of concern have been identified in municipal tap water. Analyzing water for contaminants — through a consultant, local extension office, or public interest group database — is essential. Equally important is selecting the proper whole-home or personal water purification system to remove undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases.


Exposure to natural light provides the body with vitamin D, lifts moods, improves concentration, aids sleep, reduces signs of dementia and improves overall health. Our bodies rely on the daily cycle of natural light to synchronize circadian rhythms. Designing homes to capture and optimize natural light maximizes health while delivering energy-saving benefits. In the northern hemisphere, south facing rooms receive the most sunlight; rooms should be positioned to the sun’s rotation. Artificial light should be considered after natural exposure has been maximized.



DO THE RIGHT THING.  Build your business by getting certified and committing to The Healthy Living System™. Learn how you can reduce the level of toxins in the homes and products you build to reach today’s health-conscious consumer. And, certify your homes and products to create awareness of your commitment to consumer health, like the ABC Green Home 4.0 photographed above.


Courses — September through January

Please join us for our upcoming 4-courses.

Choose one of the following dates to learn how to create Wellness Within Your Walls through our 4-course series. Stay ahead of the industry curve with the skills to optimize wellness within interior environments. At the end of each class date, there will be an opportunity to take a test and become WWYW Certified. Register online or reach out for more information.









By Amy Gamerman, The Wall Street Journal

Luxury developers are touting wellness real estate, offering private and communal spaces for meditation and yoga




By Jamie Gold, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Making homes healthier: Jillian Pritchard Cooke knows that firsthand. A successful interior designer focused on sustainability, Cooke was working on a prestigious project in 2006 when she had a serious health scare.



4-Course Series: July 19



High Point: Non-Toxic Accessories and Add-ons for Your Living Space

Now that you’re comfortably seated on a Wellness Within Your Walls approved chair, here are a couple of additions to make your living space really comfy—and non-toxic!

From Pom Pom at Home, the Montauk (left) a beautiful lightweight throw in soft hues made of 100% organic Belgian Linen, which falls into our Natural category. The perfect weight for relaxing summer days!


And for putting your feet up (or adding more seating), this very cool asymmetrical ottoman from Norwalk Furniture, the Nora (right). Made using responsible practices, and with a linen and cotton blend fabric, it checks all three of our categories—Natural, Sustainable and Responsible.


Chairs and Sofas at High Point Market

We all certainly spend a lot of time sitting. Too much time, right? But if you choose carefully, you can at least make sure you’re not plopping down on a chair full of toxins. Today’s highlights from High Point–spots for sitting.

First, from Craft Associates, the oh so Modern Chaise Lounge which falls into all three of the Wellness Within Your Walls categories. It’s constructed with organic natural fabrics, wood species sustainably grown in Ohio, and natural foams and filler. Chic modern design meets a company with a responsible manufacturing process.


Next, another modern choice, the Lucia Mod Chair from Justina Blakeney for Selmat Designs, is made of  rattan and finished with a water based sealant. The company was founded with a mission to create beautiful accessories with the leftover materials of the furniture industry.  We love this bohemian chic indoor/outdoor line, which achieves our Natural, Sustainable and Responsible categories through its use of a natural, rapidly renewable reed.


Last but far from least, the Bryan Sectional from Joybird which falls into our Sustainable and Responsible categories.  Available in organic cotton fabric with Trillium fill–a hypoallergenic fill made entirely of recycled water & soda bottles.  For every loveseat or sofa purchased,  2-4 trees will be planted, and, since all pieces are made to order, no materials are wasted!


Healthy Home Furnishing Products at High Point Market

It’s that time again! Our Wellness Within Your Walls spotters are hard at work at the spring High Point Market, eyes peeled for amazing products of all types, from fun to useful to beautiful, from big to small.

Our favorite part of the job? How thrilled a vendor is when we tell them that we recognize  their efforts to protect their customer and the planet.

Our biggest surprise? The number of companies that don’t realize yet how unhealthy their products are, or how big the demand is for home furnishings that don’t bring toxic chemicals into a home.

Here are two of our first finds this spring.

This double drum light fixture, from Low Country Originals, uses recycled metal and natural oyster shells gathered off the coast of Georgia, so falls into both our natural and Sustainable categories.

For lighting with a completely different flair, check out the Balad rechargeable lanterns from Fermob, available in seven great colors.  Not only do we love this French company because of their fun and fresh garden furniture, they’re also amazingly forward thinking about the health and welfare of their employees and the environment. In addition to being ISO 14001 certified, which maps out a framework for setting up an effective environmental management system, they use solvent free paints, optimize raw materials and energy consumption, and use recycled metal and canvas. Especially fitting for an outdoor furniture company that wants us to spend time in the great outdoors!