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Health And Wellness Become Top Of Mind For New-Home Builders And Buyers

By Lydia Lee

Accelerated by the pandemic, the emphasis on health and wellness extends to the design and systems within today’s homes.

…Also coming out this year is Wellness Within Your Walls, a checklist for home health and wellness developed by interior designer Jillian Pritchard Cooke. She partnered with builders to pilot the WWYW certification program in 11 homes across the U.S. “It’s a holistic approach that bridges the gap between the builder, design team, and occupant,” Pritchard Cooke says about the program.”

“It was good timing, because people are really keen on their health all of a sudden and they’re stuck at home,” Noel says. “And so now all this stuff really matters. So that made [WWYW] a great marketing tool.”

Randy Noel, Louisiana builder, regarding his WWYW-certified home


Project of the Week: A Wine Loft that Balances Modern, Old World Styles

By Caroline Broderick

This Atlanta Wine Loft by Robin Wright in collaboration with Jillian Pritchard Cooke flipped the normal definition of an Old World style wine cellar upside down.

For the clients—who have been collecting wine for more than 20 years—a typical basement wine cellar was out of the question simply because their home did not have one. To accomplish their goal of storing and displaying their wines, along with an entertaining area to accompany it, they went up.


Three Common Cleaning Products That Might Be Hurting Your Air Quality

And what to use instead
By Maria C. Hunt

Are you sheltering in place and cleaning everything in your home with a vengeance? It’s a natural response to a pandemic like the novel coronavirus. “There’s a big, big fear right now, which leads to that instinctive ‘reach for bleach,’” says Jillian Pritchard Cooke, an Atlanta interior designer and founder of Wellness Within Your Walls, an authority on nontoxic living. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your cleaning routine or just make one change at a time, here are three swaps to consider.


How to properly clean your house

By Mary Welch, For the AJC

During the virus outbreak, a clean house has never been more important. Atlantans, like most Americans, quickly jumped from spring cleaning to deep cleaning. And, as people spend more time at home — in between working and homeschooling — there may be more time to clean. Really clean. But how does one clean a home and maintain it properly?