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WWYW Certification for Health and Wellness

Developers and builders who successfully achieve WWYW’s third-party health and wellness certification seal conveys a committed focus on wellness with the living environment. The WWYW certification demonstrates that specific health and wellness measures were achieved in the building process, resulting in healthier living outcomes.

Consumers looking for healthier residential building and design solutions recognize the WWYW seal as the premier health and wellness certification. WWYW certifications include single-family homes, multi-family buildings and amenity buildings. WWYW certification embraces all types of construction, including new construction, remodeling and resale of existing structures. The WWYW certification provides:

  • The WWYW Checklists for Builders and Inspectors, including both standards of compliance:
    • Required
    • Exemplary
  • The WWYW Field Guide & Measures, used by builders, raters, inspectors and compliance coordinators to apply the Checklist standards
  • WWYW 4-Course Series education for professional certification
  • Access to the WWYW Healthy Home Toolkit

Registration Fees

Payable to WWYW for processing and tracking of projects pursuing certification:

  • $100 per single-family home
  • For single-family production, multi-family and amenity buildings, please contact Ramie Little at ramie@wellnesswithyourwalls.com for more information about custom pricing and registration assistance.

    Pre-Register – FREE

    For more information on the certification process, pre-register. Pre-registration is free and gets you one step closer to healthier outcomes, including a WWYW certification overview.

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