Certified Professionals

Are you looking for a home or building expert that can guide you in creating a healthy home?

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WWYW Certified Professionals

Joana Aranha | Arquitetura e Design de Intioriores Lda

S. Robert August | North Star Synergies


John Barrows | P3 Builder Group

Gonçalo Batalha | Arquitetura e Design de Intioriores Lda


Helena Abreu | Arquitetura e Design de Intioriores Lda

Amber Baxley | ID.ology Interiors & Designs


Holly Beard | Polyguard, TERM Barrier System

Molly Beresford | Beresford Designs


Ann Blake, Ph.D. | Environmental & Public Health Consulting

Kat Bowley | Kleber & Associates


Kathy Bowning | Design Consultants

Rob Burkhart | BSB Design


Joel Cody | The Source H20

Marci Cohen | SeeMeDesign


Annemarie Connors | DES-SYN

Amelia Conrado | The Source H20


André Cost | Arquitetura e Design de Intioriores Lda

John Danielian | Danielian Associates


Elizabeth Davis | Wellness Within Your Walls

Tracey DeRosa | Magnolia Property Buyers


Judy Dinele | 87 Lumber

Sloan Dobrin | Peak Solutions


Teresa dos Santos | Designer

Audrina Ennis | Audrina Ennis & Associates Realty Group


Marla Esser Cloos | Green Home Coach

Miguel Favorel | The Source H20


Robin Ferris | DES-SYN

Carrie Firmine | TRIO


Stacey Freed | Freelance Writer


Jessica Garcia | DES-SYN

John Gaul | Savannah College of Art & Design


Matthew Ghormley | The Source H20

Angela Harris | TRIO


Jill Heidorf | Polyguard, TERM Barrier System

Susan Inglis | Sustainable Furnishings Council


Steve Kleber | Kleber & Associates

Kevin Kyle | MLP Ventures


Christine Leuthold | C Insight Group

Kristen Levy | ID.ology Interiors & Designs


Ramie Little | Wellness Within Your Walls

Tamara Magel | Tamara Magel


Stephanie McFetters | Wellness Within Your Walls

Jon Miller | The Source H20


Ellen Monen | SeeMeDesign

Beppie Mostert | Living Design Interiors


Stephen Moore | BSB Design

Kelsey Mullen | Energy Inspectors


Nonnie Preuss | Wellness Within Your Walls

Jillian Pritchard Cooke | Wellness Within Your Walls


Charlotte Puckette | Private Chef & Food Consultant

Liset Robinson | Savannah College of Art & Design


Kris Robinson | Oracle

Nick Slevin | Peninsula Publishing


Drew Smith | Two Trails

Brad Sonnenburg | BSB Design


Xin Wang | Wellness Within Your Walls

Frank Wickstead | Georgia Institute of Technology


Tom Winters | Ply Gem



Alaina Penn | Student, Savannah College of Art & Design

Doaa Tarabzouni | Student, Savannah College of Art & Design

Lisa Waltuck | Student, Kennesaw State University.