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Introduction to Wellness Within Your Walls

The information we know on toxins is vast and growing. Introduction to WWYW details the genesis of WWYW, the impact of toxins on our health and the role of the Tight Box Syndrome™, due to energy-efficiency efforts and improper ventilation. This course presents WWYW’s three categories: Natural, Sustainable & Innovative and Responsible. Included in this course is an overview of the Healthy Living System™, WWYW’s 10-step holistic approach to healthy living environments, and how to apply it to everyday living.

The Natural Approach

Course 2 introduces the natural approach to the design and build process. The WWYW Natural category plays a crucial role in keeping our living spaces healthy. Learn what “natural” means. Taking a natural approach is more complicated than it appears. Learn about the role of green and environmental chemistry in defining materials and home furnishings and proper labeling. Understand the use of the Natural category in making healthier choices, resulting in healthier home pathways.

Sustainability and Innovation

Course 3 introduces sustainability and innovation in the design and build process. The WWYW Sustainable and Innovative category reinforces the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling materials. Additionally, the role of innovative building technologies and smart home appliances, including alternate energy sources, healthy home modeling, third-party certifications and life-cycle assessments, can contribute to healthier building solutions.

Making Responsible Choices

Course 4 builds on the previous courses through a mindful decision-making approach. The WWYW Responsible category describes the role of understanding body burdens, off-gassing techniques, ventilation strategies and Healthy Living System™ protocols for managing toxins. Learn how to use the Responsible category to make informed choices resulting in healthier living outcomes.

Wellness Within Your Walls Designation

WWYW certification, resulting in the WWYW designation, is recognized within the residential design and build community as the premier health and wellness representation that a professional can receive. The WWYW-certified seal conveys a committed focus on wellness within the living environment. The WWYW designation supports the many disciplines necessary to design and build residential structures that result in healthier living outcomes.

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