WWYW Certified Pilot Program

Wellness Within Your Walls’ Certified Pilot Home Program is a 10-year collaboration between the WWYW executive team and industry stakeholders, including developers, builders, consultants, inspectors, designers, manufacturers, engineers and doctors.

The program seeks to minimize toxins and particulates related to unhealthy living environments, such as mold growth, carcinogens and formaldehyde.

The WWYW Certified Pilot Home Program has two levels:  Required and Exemplary.  The Required level is based upon mandatory minimums, and the Exemplary level obligates users to exceed such minimums.  The program consists of over 60 measures in 8 healthy-building categories.  These measures aim to address common and not-so-common construction contaminants that might otherwise be overlooked.  The program is supervised by careful, third-party commissioning.

The WWYW Checklist and companion Field Measures are derived from the health and wellness philosophy encompassed in WWYW’s Healthy Living System™, a 10-step holistic approach to building materials, mechanical systems and smart home technology, as well as healthy maintenance and lifestyle strategies.

Are you designing a healthy-home project?  Reach out.


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