We offer a range of certification options tailored to every component in the design and building process. The purpose is to enable consumers to easily locate certified products and professionals that can guide your process to a healthier home. Professionals can efficiently and affordably reach today’s wellness-oriented consumer with added authority.

Types of WWYW Certification

Educating and certifying industry professionals and consumers on designing and building with healthier measures.

Certifying interior environ­ments designed and built with healthier measures.

Certifying products that limit or eliminate toxins in interior environments by using healthier measures.

Customizing and certifying everything from multi-fam­ily communities to home maintenance programs for interior environments by using healthier measures.

Why become WWYW Certified?

  • Your customers are eager for healthier home building and furnishing products. WWYW can help you reach them.
  • The WWYW Certification provides both a tremendous knowledge base and clear, marketable differentiation.
  • Project based consulting saves time, resources and money.

Learn More

Looking for certified products and professionals? Want to learn more about becoming certified? Contact us at Info@wellnesswithinyourwalls.com or click here for an application.