Education: WWYW 4-Course Series

  • An Introduction to Wellness Within Your Walls
  • The Natural Approach
  • Sustainability and Innovation
  • Making Responsible Choices

WWYW believes education is the key to reducing toxins in living environments. WWYW offers a range of educational opportunities focused on how to make knowledgeable decisions before, during and after the design and build process.

Course Info & Curriculum

Course Info. We offer a four-course educational series, focusing on the WWYW categories and their role in reducing toxins in interior environments. The WWYW courses are approved through IDCEC for both ASID and IIDA Health and Safety Continuing Education Credits: .1 credit per class and .4 credits for the complete series. Successfully completing the four-course series and passing the WWYW Test achieves certification.

Curriculum. WWYW begins by dividing our approach into three categories: Natural, Sustainable & Innovative, and Responsible. These categories are at the core of WWYW’s education and provide the structure for understanding complex and continually evolving information. From there, WWYW’s teaches how to develop a wellness-focused approach to living environments. WWYW developed a 10-step holistic approach, Healthy Living System™, to provide maintenance and lifestyle strategies to ensure continued health and wellness in the home and community. Topics covered include:

  • Identification and management of toxic chemicals and processes used in home furnishing and building products.
  • Identification of chemicals which are harmless, which need careful consideration, and which should be completely avoided.
  • Understanding the Tight Box Syndrome™ created by the energy efficiency movement and improper ventilation.
  • Understanding the role of systems, including ventilation, purification, moisture control, water filtration, solar, geothermal and radiant heating.
  • Clear and accurate labeling on building and home furnishing and other products.
  • Benefits of high-performance, innovative and sustainability building practices.
  • The role of:
    • Responsible choices
    • Off-gassing
    • Third-party testing
    • Occupant behavioral strategies

Contact us to inquire about bringing WWYW curriculum to your location.

Our courses can also be fully customized.  We can tailor our courses to your audience, whether industry conferences, company specific presentations or community organizations.  Contact us at to inquire about bringing our curriculum to your location.

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