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Wellness Within Your Walls ® serves as the bridge between the consumer and the builder, architect, designer and manufacturer.

WWYW focuses on providing education and certification programs to support consumers and industry professionals in designing and building healthier homes. WWYW takes a holistic approach to wellness through a more thoughtful process to selecting building materials and home furnishings that adhere to WWYW’s Healthy Living System™ (HLS), a 10-step approach to wellness in living environments. The HLS includes maintenance and lifestyle strategies to ensure continued health and wellness in the home and community.

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Wellness Within Your Walls® strives to educate home occupants on reducing toxins in their living environments, bringing awareness to all about the strategies, protocols and behaviors that achieve a healthier home. We educate consumers and professionals through WWYW’s 4-Course Series, which is a 4-5 hour livestream (via Zoom) class that takes a deep dive into health and wellness in living environments, using WWYW’s Healthy Living System™.

For those who desire a digital guide that provides an in-depth introduction to healthier living environments, WWYW introduces the Healthy Home Toolkit™. For a fee of $25, you will receive a digital, downloadable file that will take you step-by-step through the Healthy Living System™.

For those looking for a handy, quick guide to healthier living, choose either the WWYW Healthy Home Consumer Guide™ or the WWYW Healthy Home Design Guide™, each for a fee of $10.

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