The three Wellness Within Your Walls categories provide the underlying structure for sorting through overwhelming information and developing a wellness focused approach to interiors.


Wellness Within Your Walls will help you learn about:

  • Taking a natural approach to a non-toxic interior environment
  • WWYW gives the tools to decide how natural you or your business want to go, then helps you get there.
  • Learning about the Natural category is more layered than it sounds.
  • How can you be sure a product is natural when labeling is imprecise?
  • WWYW discusses in detail home furnishing products and the typical chemicals and processes that keep them from being natural.
  • WWYW provides Inspiring examples of natural interiors that work.
  • Cottage industries have become part of the natural supply chain.
  • Taking a Sustainable and Innovative Approach to a non-toxic interior environment
  • What exactly is Sustainability?
  • We provide an overview of the latest sustainability focused trends and innovations in home building and furnishings.
  • From ventilation to water filtering systems to geothermal heating to solar applications, sustainability can have a role in any home or business.
  • We provide the tools for understanding sustainable issues as they relate to the interior environment.
  • Recycling, refurbishing and up cycling all play a role in the sustainable category.
  • Innovation tells a story and becomes part of the marketing.
  • Employing responsible practices can be a solution to reducing toxins in the interior environment.
  • WWYW gives the tools for making responsible decisions and lowering exposure to toxins in the interior environment.
  • Seeking the knowledge you need to make the best choice possible among a variety of options.
  • Understanding how best to manage chemicals and processes that are part of many home furnishing and building processes.
  • Which chemicals are harmless, which need careful consideration, and which should be completely avoided.
  • Off gassing knowledge is crucial information.