An Introduction to Wellness Within Your Walls

Does this statistic sound familiar to you? 42% of consumers surveyed by the Sustainable Furnishings Council stated that either they or a family member were directly affected by indoor air quality, but 36% said they were “doubtful or skeptical” about green products.

We’re all more and more conscious of the dangers of toxins in our own homes and offices, and of the importance of being proactive about our own wellness and health, but completely struggling to weed through overwhelming information and conflicting claims. “Green” is everywhere. But who can you trust?

The problem is similar for builders, designers, and manufacturers who want to be part of the movement to create healthier interior spaces. Where do they start? Who has the right information? Is there an easy answer? Is there even a correct answer?

That’s just where Wellness Within Your Walls comes in!

By offering clear advice and valuable information, encouraging dialogue and focusing on the tight box syndrome (what we call it when energy efficient buildings can’t breathe, allowing harmful toxins to build up)—we help the building and design communities to work together with the consumer to reduce harmful toxins in the home.

We see Wellness within Your Walls as your trusted guide. We understand that there are no easy answers and that every time we turn a corner there’s another complication or contradiction. But we’re committed to sorting through all the information, teaching you to ask the right questions for your unique situation, and helping you make the choices that will reduce interior toxins in your interior space. And we are committed to having that task be affordable, accountable and achievable

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