Genesis – The Wellness Within Your Walls Story

Eco designer Jillian Pritchard Cooke founded WWYW when she discovered the need to simplify overwhelming information on toxins in the interior environment.

Jillian became an expert on eco friendly design with her ground breaking work on EcoManor—the first LEED gold certified private residence. While working on that project, she discovered that there was no one source for clear and concise information on what not to buy, what to buy instead and where to buy it.
A subsequent cancer diagnosis become the catalyst for turning that expertise into a passionate commitment to creating healthier living environments by reducing toxins.  Jillian shared her passion, grew her commitment and brainstormed with family, friends, co-workers and experts in the building and home furnishings industries.
Soon Wellness Within Your Walls and its three categories –Natural, Sustainable, Responsible—was born. WWYW allows us all, whether in our roles as consumers or producers of home products and services, to easily make thoughtful and responsible choices for all interior environments.