More Glimpses of the Organic Life House at Serenbe

Are you in the Atlanta area and looking for something to do this weekend? We encourage you to come tour the Organic Life House at Serenbe and see how truly stunning a healthy home can be. For those not in the Atlanta area, we’ll keeping sharing  more fabulous pictures!

The entire design team who worked on the house has taken the complete four part Wellness Within Your Walls course, and made sure that both the home and the products and furnishing inside meet the Wellness Within Your Walls standard. The home owners consulted with Dana Lynch, of Dana Lynch Design and a Serenbe resident, on all the finish selections and cabinetry in the home. WWYW approved retailer BEE supplied furniture, lighting, accessories, area rugs, bedding and soft goods. World class art was curated by Bill Lowe of Bill Lowe Gallery. Additional featured art includes pieces from Thomas Swanston, Rob Brinson, Gail Foster, Corinne Adams and Warren Sams.

The house will be open until March 5. Click here for tickets. 



Healthy Home Tip – or Why You Should Put a Rug In Your Garage

We get it. All the talk of chemicals, and unclear labeling and unclear regulations can all sound a little scary.

But we definitely don’t want you to just throw your hands in the air and give up. Making your house healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming. So occasionally we’ll highlight a very easy action you can take, right now, that can have a huge impact on the level of toxins in your home.

For today’s tip, take a look at this picture. Yes, this is a brand new rug, ordered from overstock.com and delivered to my door the other day. And yes, its currently laying in my garage.

Remember when we used to like the new rug smell (or new car smell, new Barbie townhouse smell, new chair smell) because it meant that something was… new? Yeah, that’s not good. We need to retrain ourselve, because that smell means that there are chemicals in that product. And those chemicals are off gassing.

The chemicals used in the manufacturing process of household items don’t just stay in those products, they are released into the air as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). And VOCs have been associated with over 180 diseases.

The release of chemicals from a product is at its highest rate and concentration just after manufacturing, then gradually decreases over time. So when a product is made (say, for example, an area rug), immediately wrapped tightly in plastic, then unwrapped in your house, the worst of all those VOCs have just flooded into your interior environment, where they’re now trapped inside by your energy efficient house.

So yes, that rug is in my garage, where I unrolled it from the plastic, airing out  for a couple of days.

And you should do the same thing. Anytime you buy something new for your home, let it off-gas  in your garage for at least a couple of days before you bring it inside and start using it. The air inside your house will thank you!


Join Us As We Discuss The Organic Life House at Serenbe

Want to learn more about the Organic Life House at Serenbe? Join us tomorrow morning at this month’s Southface Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable. A panel, including Wellness Within Your Walls founder Jillian Pritchard Cooke, will discuss the project, including “the birth of this home, how the different partners connected and how this home will stand above the rest.” Other panelists will be Garnie Nygren, Director of Operations at Serenbe, and the owner of the home, Gil Mathis. Bonnie Casamassima, the Program Manger of Commercial Sustainability Services at Southface will moderate.