A Fresh Approach to Recycling

maxresdefaultHow cool is this? A 27 year old dutch designer named Dave Hakkens decided that the world needs to recycle more plastic (only 10 percent is currently recycled). So he created simple machines that can be built from materials readily available anywhere, and shares the plans and instructions for those machines on his website. The project’s other goal?  “Let people in every corner of the world know that they can start their own local plastic workshop,” as the website says. We love the double benefits his project offers, and the fact that the project is open source.

Check out  www.preciousplastics.com and the videos on youtube for more information and to see
the machines and small businesses in action.


Learning about Lead, with Humor

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.45.29 AMCheck out this clip from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

Yes he tells us some information we already know about the lead tainted water in Flint, but then he goes into depth to educate us on the larger issue of lead poisoning in the United States. We really love how he uses humor to illuminate just how big the problem is, and how shockingly inadequate the approach has been to fixing it.